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Get Home Maintenance Tips From a Local Builder

sell a home in Clayton NC

If you are preparing to sell a home in Clayton, NC, then you’ll want to consider investing in a few improvements to your home to make it more attractive to homebuyers.  Fortunately, a local custom home builder will provide a free home maintenance checklist. Clayton Home Contractors is offering a cheat sheet of DIY home maintenance tips.  Clayton … [Read more...]

Buy a Home While They’re Still Affordable

buy a home in Clayton

If you’ve been thinking about whether or not to buy a home in Clayton, NC, then you should consider the fact that homes are currently quite affordable. If you wait too long, there is a good chance that home prices will begin to go up. Not only are homes relatively affordable at the moment, they are more affordable than they were in the years that … [Read more...]

Marketing Tips to Get Your Home Sold Faster

sell a home in Clayton NC

If you are trying to sell a home in Clayton, NC, then you probably know that the faster you sell your home the better. The longer your home sits on the market, the less likely it is to sell. The following are a few marketing tips you should be sure to use in order to ensure that your home sells faster: Research the competition – Most agents … [Read more...]

Choose the Right Home Loan for You Before Buying Your Clayton House

buy a home in Clayton NC

When you are considering buying a home in the Clayton, NC area, it's vital to choose the right home loan. There are several different kinds to choose from, but the tips listed below will ensure you make the right decision. Some factors to consider for a home loan include fixed or adjustable mortgage, long term or short term, and what kind of interest … [Read more...]

Be Prepared for Transaction Fees When Selling a Home

selling a home in Clayton

For better or worse, the final price agreed upon by the seller and the buyer in a real estate transaction is not really the final price of the home. It is merely a starting point and the buyer should be aware that there are many other transaction fees that will be included in the price. Here are three of the most common so that you will not be caught … [Read more...]