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Keep Your Home Sale on the Right Side of the Law

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Before you decide to sell a home in Clayton NC, make sure you resolve any legal issues that could hinder or prevent the sale. Here are four simple steps you should take to avoid pitfalls before you list your home. Unresolved Debts – All debts secured against your home (tax liens; civil court judgments; missed child support or spousal support payments; … [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Time to Make Your Home Purchase

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With mortgage interest rates at an all-time low, it may be the perfect time to buy a home in Clayton, NC. Although it's impossible to predict if future interest rates will rise or fall, you may want to take advantage of today's low fixed rates. A 30-year fixed rate is currently at 3.59%, the lowest it has been since May 2013. Since a fixed rate … [Read more...]

How to Get Approved for a Mortgage as Quickly as Possible


If you're planning to buy a home in Clayton, NC, you'll want a quick mortgage approval. Since the process involves detailed information and numerous parties, it's easy for things to get delayed. Here are some tips to help you avoid mortgage loan delays. Financial Profile – Mortgage lenders need detailed financial information to approve a loan, … [Read more...]

Were You Surprised by Your Property Tax This Year? See if It’s Fair


If you think you may be paying too much in property taxes on your home, it may be time to take a closer look at your tax bill. It's important to check your stated property value for errors and talk to your real estate agent in North Carolina's Triangle area about any concerns. Check for Errors – Check your property card for discrepancies in … [Read more...]

Choose the Optimal Listing Time for the Best Chance at Selling Your Home

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If you're planning to sell a home in Clayton NC, listing it at the right time of year can put more profit in your pockets. According to national real estate studies, Spring may be the best time to sell your home. Although market trends vary in different parts of the country based on supply and demand and weather patterns, studies show that the magic … [Read more...]