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Learning How To Locate Potential Difficulties in Older Homes

Older homes have a charm the newer, more ‘cookie-cutter’ homes simply cannot match. However there are some inherent dangers in older homes which potential buyers seeking to buy a home in Clayton NC need to be aware of. Older homes come with many potential problems. These problems, however, can also be opportunities to upgrade the home to be safer and more energy efficient.

The main thing an older home needs before purchase or upgrades is a very thorough home inspection. Buyers need to check to see what their pre-purchase inspection (legally mandated in 33 states) covers because in most cases the inspection only deal what is on the official checklist. The buyer may want to chip in for a more in-depth inspection.

Inspections often only cover the present or the near future. So if your roof is good for now but may fail within a few years, the roof still gets a ‘go’ on the inspectors check list. The following things are common issues with older homes which need to be looked at:

  • HVAC System: Could a newer, more energy-efficient furnace be needed?
  • Electrical System: Can it withstand the demands of today’s electronics?
  • Pipes: How efficient are they after years of mineral deposits?
  • Foundation: Are cracks in walls a sign the foundation has issues?
  • Insulation: How good is the current insulation or would more modern insulation work? Also are the water pipers insulated from damage and energy loss?
  • Roof/Gutters/Downspouts: Problems here means potential water damage to the house or the foundation.

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