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Can You Claim Moving Costs as Tax Deductible?

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There are some situations where certain costs involved with moving can be deducted from your taxes. While not everyone will qualify for these deductions, there may be deductions that you are not aware.   How to Qualify The Internal Revenue Service has a requirement that the new residence you are moving too needs to be 50 miles or more from … [Read more...]

Avoid These Home Features if You Want to Save Money on Insurance

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One of the things that you need to consider when you’re investing in NC Triangle real estate is the amount of homeowner’s insurance you have to pay. Not many people realize this, but certain home features will actually result in higher homeowner’s insurance premiums. The following are some of the features that will cause your insurance to go … [Read more...]

More Home Inventory Gives Buyers More Power in 2014

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All signs are pointing toward 2014 definitely being a buyers' market. Already the year's first quarter is showing a sharp upswing in the number of homes available for sale. Historically a larger home inventory means confidence in the economy and a strong real estate market. Over the last few years, home prices have risen but the past several months … [Read more...]

Understand What Tax Breaks Are Available When You Own a Home

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It's tax time, and that means that if you own a home it's time you start your paperwork and minimize your tax liability. Here are a few things to start with: Mortgage interest- This can save you money since you can deduct the interest from your mortgage from your taxes. Every year Americans save about $100 million dollars every year from this … [Read more...]

Top Tips for Energy Saving During the Winter Season in Clayton

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Saving energy can help reduce your carbon footprint, which is good for the environment. Reducing your energy consumption can also lower your bills this winter, which is good for your pocketbook! Use these tips to cut energy usage this season. Open up your window coverings during the day to let some natural sunlight in. That sunlight will help heat your … [Read more...]