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Live Comfortably While Trying to Sell Your Home


Not everyone has the luxury of being able to stay somewhere else while they are selling their homes. Some people have to stay in the home they are selling. The following are a few tips for being able to live comfortably in the same home you are trying to sell: Begin organizing now – Begin going through all of your things and donating, selling … [Read more...]

Who Would Your Home Attract?

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If you are planning to sell a home in Clayton, NC, then your target buyer is one of the most important things to consider. Trying to advertise your home to every demographic is a mistake when you could be focusing on demographics that are more likely to want your house. The following is a quick breakdown of two major demographics: baby boomers and … [Read more...]

A Small Change to the Closet Can Add More Value to Your Home

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When it comes time to sell a home in Clayton NC, it is inevitable you start to think about upgrades which could boost the value of your home. Most people immediately think of remodeling the kitchen or bathroom, but closets are another important place which can really help. The trick is to be functional and surprising at the same time. People love … [Read more...]

Spring Weather Means Time to Improve Curb Appeal

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When it comes time to sell a home in Clayton NC, you’ll constantly hear about curb appeal. This term is a catch-all phrase to denote all the things a home projects when seen for the first time. In real estate, first impressions are very important. So it is important to do use the better Spring weather to get your upgrades done. Landscaping: … [Read more...]

Get Home Maintenance Tips From a Local Builder

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If you are preparing to sell a home in Clayton, NC, then you’ll want to consider investing in a few improvements to your home to make it more attractive to homebuyers.  Fortunately, a local custom home builder will provide a free home maintenance checklist. Clayton Home Contractors is offering a cheat sheet of DIY home maintenance tips.  Clayton … [Read more...]