December, 2012 | Tina Barletta, HomeTowne Realty

What Kind of Real Estate Consumer Are You?

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One’s political affiliation is more than just how you vote; it is a reflection of how you see things.  Liberal and conservative thinking both affect how you make many of your life decisions, including your home-buying strategies. So how are buyers in the Triangle real estate market affected by political leanings when buying a home? Liberal Buyers: The … [Read more...]

Having a Wish List When Buying a Home is a Must

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With mortgage rates at historic lows and monthly rental rates soaring, it is no wonder many people are looking to buy a home. For many buyers there is a sense that they should be taking advantage of low mortgage rates but do not have areal firm idea of what they want. Before making the decision to buy a home in Clayton NC, a buyer should consult with a … [Read more...]

Best Reason to Relocate to North Carolina’s Triangle — Jobs

North Caronlina's Triangle is the place for top employers with high-paying jobs.

The list of Top 10 Employers in North Carolina reads like a who’s who of success in American business and a commitment to educating the state’s youth. When you come to the North Carolina Triangle area, you will find businesses with high-paying jobs not just something to make ends meet.Check out this list of North Carolina’s biggest employers. This list … [Read more...]

New Research Indicates Home Ownership Leads to Benefits For Kids

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The American Dream of home-ownership resonates with the idea of every person’s home is their castle. A place to call their own while raising a family. Well new research conducted in partnership by Dr. Richard Green at the University of Southern California and Michelle J. White, Professor of Economics at the University of San Diego shows how important owing … [Read more...]

Should You Buy a Home in Clayton NC With a Swimming Pool?

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Pools are undoubtedly fun. They are great place to beat the heat as well as provide a source of entertainment and exercise. Yet there are a lot of factors regarding pools so if you looking to buy a home in Clayton NC with a pool, here are some things to consider. Costs There are a variety of costs associated with a pool Maintenance: There is the … [Read more...]