October, 2012 | Tina Barletta, HomeTowne Realty

Homes on Market Selling at Faster and Faster Rate

Homeowners and home buyers are jumping on low interest loans. Now is a great time to explore buying your next home in the North Carolina Triangle area.

Many potential sellers have been stayed out of the 2012 real estate market because they are hoping home prices will rise. This is crucial to many home-owners who bought homes during the last decade when home prices where over-valued. Selling too early could mean a big loss. However new information released by the National Association of REALTORS® should … [Read more...]

Great Halloween Events in Clayton Coming Up

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Clayton is a great place to celebrate Halloween. There are events in Clayton NC for the whole family throughout the end of October. Dress up and celebrate with various entertainment. Here are just a couple of the notable events for 2012. Head over to the Clayton Community Park on Friday, October 26 for a Halloween Fun Ride. From 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., … [Read more...]

Learning How To Locate Potential Difficulties in Older Homes

The holidays may be the best time to make your home stand out.

Older homes have a charm the newer, more ‘cookie-cutter’ homes simply cannot match. However there are some inherent dangers in older homes which potential buyers seeking to buy a home in Clayton NC need to be aware of. Older homes come with many potential problems. These problems, however, can also be opportunities to upgrade the home to be safer and … [Read more...]

Come Out to Clayton Farmers Market Before It Closes For Winter

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The German Oktoberfest tradition is something we associate as an excuse to drink but it had its roots in the celebration of the last harvests of the year. While our global economy brings in food from all over, local farmers have their final crop of 2012 ready for sale. There is no better place to buy this fresh, local and healthier produce than the Clayton … [Read more...]

Underwater on Your Mortgage? Here’s How to Get Your Recovery Started

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A sad fact of the housing market is many people owe more on their mortgage than their property is worth. Thus when selling their “underwater” property, they will take a loss; sometimes a significant one. This problem is difficult when circumstances either force a move, say due a new job or wanting to down-size before retirement. Here are some tips on … [Read more...]